What We Ride:

We ride bikes of all brands and styles. Cruisers, sport-touring, American, European or Asian bikes are all ok with us. We don’t have a minimum engine size but your bike should be able to handle sharp turns, steep hills, and capable of occasional highway riding at speeds upward of 65 mph.  We also tend to have stock or “reasonable” exhaust systems.

Riding Gear:

Your gear is your personal choice but most of us do wear protective gear: long riding pants, long sleeve padded jackets, and full or modular helmets. All of us also enjoy an added safety margin by using PackTalk communication units by Cardo Systems.

Saturday morning Breakfast & Rides:

On any given Saturday, regardless of the weather throughout the riding season and extending over the winter months, you can almost always expect to run into at least one or two Slow Riders sitting at the “club table”.  This is an opportunity for you to get to know us, and for us to learn about you.  Members and guests are always welcome, whether or not you intend to ride that day.  Contact us to verify current time and location.

The rides begin after breakfast, usually around 9:15 – 9:30 am. They tend to be short rides between 100-200 miles and lasting from four to six hours.We tend to stay off the highways and enjoy the scenic back roads. We might head north towards Williamsport, MD,  or west towards Middleburg, VA.  Our rides typically end up at one of our favorite lunch spots and then we head home. It’s a good practice to arrive with a full tank

Overnight Rides: 

Several of our members have their favorite long distance ride that they propose, plan the route, coordinate the stops and lodging, and lead every, or every other, year.  If you have your own idea for a ride, just take ownership and plan it.

Club Picnic:

This is a great opportunity for members wives and significant others to get to know each other and about the people you ride with.  Everyone can bring enough of their own favorite side dishes to share with others. Hosted at either a public facility or a member’s home, the picnic venue may change from one year to the next.

Holiday Dinner:

Another friendship building opportunity with wives  and significant others comes with sharing a table at the Annual Holiday Dinner, which will be hosted at a local restaurant in the December time frame. Each couple is responsible for their own dinner check. Our holiday dinners have been held at Il Porto Restaurant,  in Gaithersburg, MD.